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Tailored Training and Development Solutions

Many organizations with personnel involved in geospatial activities such as land surveying, engineering, architecture, construction, state, city and regional departments of transportation, often have an organizational mandate, and very often, mandatory requirements for their personnel to obtain education that furthers the group's needs as well as those of the individuals. By providing quality, education online that can be monitored by the employer, we believe that your organization can utilize GeoLearn's offerings to achieve corporate, technical and professional needs. Contact GeoLearn today for your consultation.


  • Formal PDH approval for courses
  • Broad registration board approval
  • Cost benefit over face-to-face
  • Industry-renowned faculty
  • Accessible via Smartphones and Tablet PCs

State-of-the-Art Multi-media

GeoLearn employs state-of-the-art multimedia, including professionally produced video, along with a variety of presentation tools to enhance the learning experience. Most online experiences today rely on simple, “static” tools such as PowerPoint and Word documents. In most cases, even voice-over is not used. The dominant mode is to rely solely on PDF files for delivery.

Custom Micro-portal

If desired, GeoLearn can establish a dedicated micro-portal for your organization creating a custom web access point for your employees that focuses on your brand and your unique program requirements. We will develop programs tailored specifically to your requirements utilizing GeoLearn's growing library of courses. This would include comprehensive progress tracking for your participants.

Thirst for Knowledge

One of GeoLearn’s key objectives is to transform boring or utilitarian content and its presentation into a positive experience that actually fuels the thirst for knowledge beyond the simple fulfillment of continuing education requirements. Maintaining the highest quality, interest and value for the investment is a foundational tenet of GeoLearn.

Para Training Opportunities

One of GeoLearn’s goals is to help your organization cultivate the paraprofessional through excellent education and training opportunities. This will help you grow a pool of qualified para-professionals and help them build a path to various technician certification or accreditation. It is our goal to become your primary quality provider of educational experience for those seeking to become professionally licensed in their discipline.