Distributor of surveying & geospatial instruments and software in Kansas City, Missouri chooses online education company for product training and human resource development

GeoLearn is pleased to announce that it has partnered with Griner & Schmitz, Inc. to provide customized product training for their customers.

"GeoLearn will provide video-based online training for our product line, including basic product overviews, advanced hardware and software applications, and good surveying practices," says Jim Martin, General Manager at Griner & Schmitz. "It will be a great benefit for our customers. Griner & Schmitz has moved to a new business location at 1700 Cherry Street and launched an updated website. The addition of online education services fits with the other activities that our company is doing to strengthen the way we serve our customers."

"We're happy to partner with Griner & Schmitz in providing online training. We've already jointly developed two product training courses for the company under the leadership of Jim Martin. TopconPS 103 Total Station and Magnet Field Software users will be the first to experience the benefits of the portal. Jim did a great job of organizing and presenting the introduction to the PS 103 and instruction on the use and development of feature codes in Magnet," says GeoLearn CEO Joe Paiva. "We're looking forward to creating more courses for Griner and Schmitz' customers."

Griner and Schmitz, Inc. has been serving the Midwest's surveying, construction and engineering industries for over 100 years. The company has a full in-house service center, a rental division with products from Topcon and Sokkia, an award-winning sales department, a training department, wireless GPS systems and a data prep department for complete solutions from field to finish. Access the Griner and Schmitz Online Learning Portal from their website. www.grinerschmitz.com