NSPS’ acknowledged expert on flood issues releases new set of courses

GeoLearn is proud to announce that nationally recognized geospatial expert Wendy Lathrop, PLS, CFM has added seven new courses to the GeoLearn catalog. Wendy’s highly regarded expertise and experience in the topics of floodplain management, floods and the national flood insurance program (NFIP), have led to her recent reappointment to the Technical Mapping Advisory Council to the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) for a second five year term.

Her floods courses include topics of the roles of elevations and insurance in flood plain management, resiliency (ability to recover from flooding), coastal areas in the NFIP, and FEMA’s technical guidance documents. Wendy also changed focus and demonstrated her wide prowess in other topics related to the business of surveying by teaching a course on applied ethics in surveying, and another on technical writing.wendylathropcoursethumbnail

Wendy’s floods-related courses have proven to be of benefit to surveyors, engineers, planners, flood plain managers and similar professionals. Professionals and technicians will get benefit from her courses on writing and ethics.

“While my GeoLearn courses don’t comprise a graduate degree, they can serve to update a professional’s knowledge or simply make a professional conversant in many aspects of a complex subject,” said Lathrop. “However my writing and ethics courses will be beneficial for technicians and prof essionals. I think the internalization of the principles will be different for the two groups, but both will find them enjoyable.”

“Wendy’s experience as a teacher at the college level shows in the care and precision with which she expounds on the multi-layered subject of floods and flood plain management,” said GeoLearn CEO Joe Paiva. “We are pleased that she is on our faculty too.”