David Doyle, Geodesist

David Doyle is the former Chief Geodetic Surveyor for NGS and was instrumental in the development and implementation of the horizontal and vertical datums of the US National Spatial Reference System.

Dr. Richard Elgin, PS, PE

Dick Elgin is a rare surveyor: PhD in legal aspects. Educator, Assistant Professor and now Adjunct Professor of Surveying. As a practitioner, Dick was former owner (22 years) of a surveying firm.

Eric Gakstatter

Eric Gakstatter has been involved in the GPS/GNSS industry for more than 20 years. He has been a power user of GPS/GNSS technology and has consulted with private industry as well as all levels of government.

Christine Gayron LS

Christine is an innovator who has been revolutionizing the way surveying and mapping is done through the use of GIS, LiDAR, smartphone apps combined with more traditional technologies.

William Henning Prof LS

Bill Henning has over 45 years of experience in all phases of land surveying and is a nationally known expert in real time GNSS positioning. He has been actively involved with education and outreach.

Gary R. Kent PS

Gary is chair of the NSPS committee on the ALTA/NSPS Standards and is the liaison to NSPS for the American Land Title Association (ALTA). In addition to presenting seminars on this topic, he also helps to answer questions in “News and Views.”

Wendy Lathrop PLS, CFM

Wendy Lathrop is a nationally recognized expert on the FEMA National Flood Insurance Program. Wendy has in the past, represented ACSM on the Technical Mapping Advisory Council to FEMA.

Dennis J. Mouland PLS

Dennis has 42 years experience in surveying. Evenly split between private and federal experience, he has managed all training for BLM surveyors and was the designer of the CFedS Program.

Joseph V.R. Paiva PhD, PS, PE

Joe Paiva is a nationally recognized expert on Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS). He also offers a comprehensive study on the State Plane Coordinate System and the fundamentals of surveying.