About Us

Geospatial-1Geospatial is defined as “of or relating to the relative position of objects on the earth’s surface.” The geospatial industry is involved in data collection, data analysis, reports and digital and graphical representation of information that meets the needs of a wide variety of “customers.” There are innumerable segments of society where these consumers are. Some of those segments include government, education, real estate development, disaster response, to name just a few. The activities of geospatial professionals cover creation, manipulation and analysis geographical data sets, using data collection tools, spatial software and analytical methods

It’s little wonder that the U.S. Department of Labor considers geospatial a high-growth market! What’s more, new uses and applications for geospatial are being uncovered every single day. It’s an exciting time for the industry – and exactly the right time to learn where it’s headed.

But geospatial is more than just numbers. The industry influences a wide range of industries – not purely technical. Geospatial professionals include surveyors, geodesists, photogrammetrists, remote sensing specialists and geographic information systems (GIS) professionals, in the fields of engineering, architecture, landscape architecture, geology, environmental science and more. In addition, many other fields make use of geospatial data or analytics, ranging from epidemiology to real-estate tax assessment, from marketing to product distribution, from transportation management to soil conversation.

Our Approach

If you’ve taken geospatial courses in the past, chances are they were traditional classroom or online experiences with face-to-face instruction and/or static material. At GeoLearn, we view educational opportunities as more than just classes, but as a window into entire geospatial industry and its future. Here’s how.

  • We’ve taken online education to new heights. Until now, online professional development for the geospatial industry was utilitarian at best. At GeoLearn, we are completely on-trend with the latest multimedia techniques that will bring subject matter to life in ways that will make you enjoy learning the content, plus absorb it – all in a format that fits your individual scheduling and certification needs.
  • We’re the geospatial experts. GeoLearn stands apart from the competition thanks to industry-renowned curriculum developers and faculty members. Our instructors are national authorities with distinguished speaking and writing credentials, who – online or face-to-face -- bring their subjects to you in ways that are effective, engaging and exciting.
  • We’re passionate about production. Forget old-school PowerPoints, PDFs and Word documents! Our professionally produced videos and presentation tools highlight the information you need to learn and draw you right into the subject matter. You’ll learn better, and learn more, when you can immerse yourself in an experience that illustrates and reinforces the content instead of just “spitting it out.”
  • We take the question marks out of corporate training. Large organizations are often faced with corporate mandates for geospatial training without knowing exactly what their groups need, and when that training is provided, whether it is accessed to advantage. We’ll help guide you to courses and delivery options that will fit the bill on every count, for every level of the profession and for every budget.
  • We want you to succeed. Our mission for every GeoLearn course is for you to not only feel confident in the material you’ve learned, but to be inspired to go deeper. You will have opportunities to ask questions and seek out additional information, and demonstrate your newfound knowledge via practical assessments.